Part of my Gynophobia exhibition at 99 Mary Street
Part of my Gynophobia exhibition
From my Gynophobia exhibition
Beautiful Jenny Dickenson and amazingly skilled makeup by Emma Kendal. Thanks gang x 
Rosie @ Industry People Mua = Freya SheldonRosie @ Industry People Mua = Freya SheldonRosie @ Industry People Mua = Freya Sheldon
My prints (including the lovely ladies above) are now available to buy off my new Etsy shop for only £15
From decorating my own flat, I really wished that more of the photographers I follow had cool prints I could buy instead of just having them digitally to stick on a pinterest board or tumblr. I really think that it’s nice to have original artwork in the flesh instead of on a screen. 
So if you’re interested in buying an original print visit my Etsy Shop 
My pictures of Lolly got made into some beautiful artwork by the artist Van Evan Fuller. I’m so proud! Lolly is beautiful and so are the paintings :D Thankyou to you both <3


Three Lollies
Here is Lolly (and Lolly, and Lolly) in a picture based on the works of UK photographer Katie Soze, whose blog at is well worth visiting.
Please refrain from pointing out that Lolly is unusually large: Lolly is aware of this fact, and I figured it out myself within five or ten minutes. So let’s just evaluate the picture, shall we? 
If you want to say hello to Lolly privately, look her up at and tell her I sent you—unless you’re rude, in which case I don’t know you.