Does anyone know a GOOD photography forum for half decent unbiased critique?

I’ve tried /p/, Purestorm & Purpleport, talk photography, deviantart and digital photographer but they’re all full of crusty wannabes who don’t know their lens from their view finder but feel like they know how to tell people how they should shoot.

What forums do you use? Please help!

Sophie in my garden. Lucky garden Sophie is a babe.

One of my sweet supporters has said she finds learning about technical camera/editing stuff quite difficult because she has a learning difficulty and would like some help from me.

Not many people know this but I have specific learning difficulties I wasn’t diagnosed with until university. I have impairments in my processing skills and memory which means I have trouble taking in information, making sense of it and then recalling it. Reading manuals or complex tutorials is pretty much a waste of time for me as it just won’t go in! I find it difficult to use all technical equipment - washing machines and televisions included! It’s a deep shame of mine but I can’t tell the time very well (I didn’t learn until I was 15!) and I can’t tell my left and right at all without thinking which hand makes the ‘L’ shape. I can’t do ANY times tables except for the 2!

There aren’t many accessible photography resources for people with disabilities and I am pretty confident that I can make blogs and tutorials that are digestible for people with learning difficulties. So does anyone have any requests of stuff that’s different to grasp? Or stuff I do that you’d like explained? I don’t wanna write stuff that’s not useful. Please let me know!

Thanks :)

Working Hard
My friend Ed took these of me today.
Love how flowers lil stigmas and stuff are basically their teeny little penis’s and vaginas. You go flowers! Love how flowers lil stigmas and stuff are basically their teeny little penis’s and vaginas. You go flowers! 
I shot this at a concentration camp in Hamburg. Kind of suits my mood today. #trees #glitch
Part of my Gynophobia exhibition at 99 Mary Street
I shot this flyer which features the mask from Kill List (a British film by warp films) for the exhibition I’m having tomorrow (with a load of other cool people. Tomorrow at 99 Mary street 6.30.
Camera phone edit of Frey
Oh Paulina, what a cutie.Oh Paulina, what a cutie.Oh Paulina, what a cutie.
More Freya!More Freya!More Freya!More Freya!More Freya!

The Bella 65 Bilora

I came across this little beauty on Ebay. I think it cost £12 or something like that. At first I could not work out how to open it. It’s very heavy and metal and complicated looking.


Bella 65 takes a 120 film, which is such a fun film to work with. For my purposes I used a 400 ISO (Fujicolour).

When I managed to open up the camera I found that the Bella 65 actually is a remarkably simple model and works in almost the same way as a lomo Holga (although it’s much heavier!) The lens of course is glass and it seems to be a good quality 1:8.

Apart from a crude manual focus, the Bella 65 has 3 shutter speeds, which is really cool for a battery-less camera.

It’s a German made camera from the mid-50’s. Now it’s all loaded up I can’t wait to shoot with it.