katie soze

My name is Katie, I'm 26. I am a photographer and illustrator from Sheffield UK.

I am inspired by anything soft, feminine or fragile. I love Guava's, rabbits, duck eggs, long hair, pale skin, cuts, the British sea side, nudity, green tea, vertebrae, faux film grain, double exposure, sketchy lines, fog, atoms, and anyone who considers them-self to be stunning even though society says they're ugly.

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Part of my Gynophobia exhibition at 99 Mary Street
I shot this flyer which features the mask from Kill List (a British film by warp films) for the exhibition I’m having tomorrow (with a load of other cool people. Tomorrow at 99 Mary street 6.30.
Camera phone edit of Frey
15. December 2013

I came across this little beauty on Ebay. I think it cost £12 or something like that. At first I could not work out how to open it. It’s very heavy and metal and complicated looking.


Bella 65 takes a 120 film, which is such a fun film to work with. For my purposes I used a 400 ISO (Fujicolour).

When I managed to open up the camera I found that the Bella 65 actually is a remarkably simple model and works in almost the same way as a lomo Holga (although it’s much heavier!) The lens of course is glass and it seems to be a good quality 1:8.

Apart from a crude manual focus, the Bella 65 has 3 shutter speeds, which is really cool for a battery-less camera.

It’s a German made camera from the mid-50’s. Now it’s all loaded up I can’t wait to shoot with it. 

14. December 2013

Stop listening to people who know better than you. Don’t let anyone make you feel like your an amateur because you don’t edit right, or you don’t have the right gear, or you don’t frame things right, or you don’t light things right. Don’t let people mock you because your camera is a cheap model or your framing is whack or you use Gaussian blur too much. 

Edit however the fuck you feel like, frame how you feel like.

Use your phone camera, the point and shoot you had when you were 8, an old film camera from a charity shop, a hipster lomo camera from urban outfitters, whatever you have on you. 

Don’t fight the light with expensive equipment. If it’s dusk let it be dusk, if it’s shadowy let it be shadowy. 

Shoot all the time, shoot what you see when you wake up in the morning, shoot when you’re crying, shoot when your partying, shoot when you’re having sex, shoot when you’re bored. 

You’re either a photographer or you’re not. Photographers have a special eye, if you have that you need to use it. You’re not a photographer if you’re not photographing. There is no correct way to photograph anything.

I over heard a conversation where two guys were talking about how camera phones are ruining peoples lives, because he went to a gig and everyone was so busy taking photos on their phones. He said they should ban cameras at gigs so people can actually enjoy the gig. He said that people can’t enjoy real life because they’re too busy looking at it through a lens.

Wrong! Taking photos > real life!!!! If you don’t think that taking photos improves any situation then you need to go home right now!

Latest shot of Freya. #photography #sheffield #stickers