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My version of glamour with Felis Suicide

For some reason, plus size nudes are my favourite kind of nudes. I even prefer drawing curvy people. Nothing political about it, always been that way since college *shrug*

Grass frolicking lesbo action

The joy of being outside on a beautiful day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Nude self portraits from this winter. In preparation for my contribution to an exhibition about English traditions, I decided to practice the shoot in the location before using a model. It was freezing cold and I wanted to make sure the shoot was physically do-able. I would never make a model do something I was not prepared to do myself. 

The shoot was inspired by some research I did about witch burnings in The Channel Islands, UK. My findings were that witch burning was much more rampant than I expected and women were tortured horrendously into a false confession. 

I started to think about my own personal relationship with witch craft and also the strong connection between witches, nature, their bodies and sexuality that was so frightening to the people of the time. 

Women obviously turned to witch craft to help them feel empowered in a society where they had very little say or control, but I also like to think that women have a different set of powers to men.

The shoot was located in Grindleford, Derbyshire in a spot where modern Wiccans and Pagans meet up. I am very proud to be English and very proud of our ancient traditions rooted in Paganism, which are so strong they are yet to be eradicated out of modern culture. 

This was shot on 120 film on my Bella 65 Bilora camera and edited in VSCO. 

Although I am nude in the shots, please be respectful as my aim is to reflect naturism, not to gain sexual attention. 

A bit risqué - but this is Jenny. 😍 #bones #nude #girl

Part of my Gynophobia exhibition at 99 Mary Street

Part of my Gynophobia exhibition

From my Gynophobia exhibition

Some Polamatics of Jenny. This shoot was for my exhibition submission. Read more about it here http://katiesoze.com/exhibition-folk-art-lets-dance/

Some self portraits I did for a club I’m in :) 


It was 1 year ago today that I met Katie for our first shoot. Three shoots later and a lot of body positivity we will try to continue to inspire self love and acceptance.


Some art nude studies of Lolly - a BBW. I was inspired by the work of Lucien Freud and I really wanted to try some art nudes with bigger women. 

There are a lot of art nudes going around at the moment of wistful looking girls with perfect bodies in a pretty landscape and I don’t like them. I wanted to do something that was a bit different.

I hope you like the pictures! I like them and I can’t wait to show them to Lolly :)  

The beautiful Lolly