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The little moth that flew into my flat then died the next day. Apparently these types of moths (emerald moths) are much darker normally but fade with age so it must have been an old man moth who died of old age. Rest peacefully moth! I’m still struggling with macro, but I really enjoy it very much. I took this in low tungsten light conditions, shamefully, I have the moths dead body on my dining room table so I can practice macro with it O_O

Stunning natural girl. 

Getting into this macro malarkey. #macro #flower #nature

Wyoming Brook Sheffield. One of the most magical places on earth 💕 me and my dog enjoyed taking these. #sheffieldissuper #socialsheffield

English woods are magical places.

Teeny flower. Hey flower! #macro #nature #flower

A sweet highland cow #bestofpolamatic #polamatic #cute #nature #iloveanimals

Fairy mushrooms #polamatic #polaroid #polaroids #magic #england #mushroom #nature

Went on a walk the other day around Rivelin in Sheffield. I go walking a lot. It reminds me that I’m on the ground and not in the sky or the clouds. 

When I was little I used to believe that fairies lived here, maybe you can see why. 

Went for a photowalk/ drive today. It’s been snowing everywhere in the UK. I decided to dedicate the day shooting ‘camera club greys’.