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Shot of Natalie from GIRL mgmt.

Expired 35mm film work of Katie Leigh

Stunning natural girl. 

90’s girl

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Off to the party at 99 Mary Street.

Went to the park to sunbathe and take some self portraits yesterday. This is just an iphone selfie, but I have more shots taken with my SLR which are maybe the only Self portraits I actually like. I’ll post them another time.

Knackered after today but I still have to do normal life things like washing up and bathing and that :(
This lipgloss I’m wearing tastes so good that my bunny started making out with me by licking my lips! Gross.

A fun Saturday ice skating and then I went to the park and took macro pictures of flowers. It was really busy and I looked like a flower pervert wandering through the bushes with my camera.

I think I am a 14 year old trapped in the life of a 27 year old 😕 at least I don’t have to go to school 👏

Another less popular picture from my set with Georgia. Check out my rebellious use of reflector. ✊

I can’t look at myself without feeling like a stranger.
#polamatic #polaroid #polaroids

This photo of @scarlett_amethyst has gone viral on tumblr. She’s a gem 💎 #polamatic #girl #andro #sheffield

A bit risqué - but this is Jenny. 😍 #bones #nude #girl

Jenny edited with @polamatic http://katiesoze.com/project/gynopobia/ #witch #girl

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Some self portraits I did for a club I’m in :)