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Natalie from GIRL mgmt

Madeleine in the studio

Really enjoyed working with harsh direct light. I love any kind of light that makes life challenging.

A digital shot of Alex. 

Made this from a photograph of a flower in the park.

Scarlett (again) love this girl. 

hooray for men with tattoos

BLOG: Working with 35mm film and a mirrorless Mamiya camera. 



Gynophobia piece for 99 Mary Street Exhibition. View the full set on my blog and portfolio - http://katiesoze.com/exhibition-folk-art-lets-dance/

Camera phone edit of Frey

Hanging out in Freyas bedroom. 

Me and Freya have been playing around again today. She says I’m like a female Karl Pilkington!

Some man candy for you guys. Rosie and James @ Industry People Mua = Freya