katie soze

My name is Katie, I'm 26. I am a photographer and illustrator from Sheffield UK.

I am inspired by anything soft, feminine or fragile. I love Guava's, rabbits, duck eggs, long hair, pale skin, cuts, the British sea side, nudity, green tea, vertebrae, faux film grain, double exposure, sketchy lines, fog, atoms, and anyone who considers them-self to be stunning even though society says they're ugly.

Thankyou to everyone who supports me. I follow all my followers back.

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The beautiful Lolly 
My pictures of Lolly got made into some beautiful artwork by the artist Van Evan Fuller. I’m so proud! Lolly is beautiful and so are the paintings :D Thankyou to you both <3


Three Lollies
Here is Lolly (and Lolly, and Lolly) in a picture based on the works of UK photographer Katie Soze, whose blog at is well worth visiting.
Please refrain from pointing out that Lolly is unusually large: Lolly is aware of this fact, and I figured it out myself within five or ten minutes. So let’s just evaluate the picture, shall we? 
If you want to say hello to Lolly privately, look her up at and tell her I sent you—unless you’re rude, in which case I don’t know you.
Some more art nudes of Lolly. I’m not so sure about these ones. Prefer the other set. :/
I edited these photographs that Andy Haworth took