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One more of Sophie. MUA Emma Kendal

Instax of @georgiapowhite from @jadoremodelsmcr at our shoot today. Clothing curtosey of @syd_mallory

@alexneller shot on 35mm film. Real light leaks - really not sure why my camera keeps leaking!

To destroy is to create

There is nothing sexier than a man who doesn’t lose his head of a pair of tatas on the internet.

gazette-news-deactivated2014072 asked: I love art/photography !


My Suicide Girls Profile

I’m shooting my first set for a Suicide Girl on Thursday so I joined up to Suicide Girls in preparation! 

If you’re a member on there, follow me and I’ll follow back. Or, if your a SG or an SG hopeful and you’re kinda local to me (I live in South Yorkshire) let me know so we can collaborate! 

Does anyone have any ideas of what to put on my blog on SG? I guess I need to explore the website a bit more to get a better idea.

waterpentacle3x asked: Hey are you still looking for models?



Yes! If they’re near me :D (I’ve mostly had people want to model from Canada and America).

What part of America? I live in Alabama

I live in Sheffield, England. Which very much narrows down my access to models 😑

Whenever I do a shoot that’s ‘outside industry norms’ there is ALWAYS one person that will complain the model isn’t fat/black enough.

It’s like people think I have a catalogue of nude fat black lesbians at my disposal who are willing to model for me but I ignore them in preference of models who are slightly thinner/whiter.

I shoot who’s around me, I live in a small city in England where the biggest ‘minority’ are Asian Muslims, it’s a WEENY bit tough for me to convince them to strip off.

Please just celebrate/complain about what I am doing. Not what I’m not doing (although feel free to make suggestions) I don’t have as much control over who I shoot as you might think I do.

Also, at the end of the day, I shoot who I think is pretty to me. I am not trying to break industry boundaries, I simply shoot models I like, whether they be agency models or beautiful curvy women. I have no obligation to shoot things that make me popular with tumblr feminists.

**** addition for people not familiar with my work when I first started shooting I pretty much ONLY shot black girls as I regularly submitted to black interest magazines like FAB, Zen and Folk. I have also done several nude ‘super fat’ editorials that were published in Volup2*****



For some reason, plus size nudes are my favourite kind of nudes. I even prefer drawing curvy people. Nothing political about it, always been that way since college *shrug*

Fat bodies are always political - they are dehumanized, objectified, legislated, medicalized, and marginalized.

I love photographers and models who will step outside industry norms, but I also want them to be conscious of what they are doing and to commit to go beyond “acceptable” fat bodies (white, curvy, able bodied, small fats).

If you’d taken a closer look at my work I have photographed nudes of black women and also not ‘small fats’ but women who are sized 24+ some have been in their thirties, one was mixed race. I also have no obligation to shoot any kind of model. I don’t make the statements, I shoot what I see and people may interpret it as they wish.

The amount I have been warned ‘it’s very competitive’ by older people, who are either trying to protect me or are people who didn’t achieve their dreams so don’t want anyone else to.

When I was a kid I loved playing football, rugby and cricket. I loved cricket in particular as when bowling, it was my turn to show my ability directly against someone else. I loved being too fast to be stumped out when it was my turn to bat. I loved the sweating, the falling over, the painful tackles. It made winning feel all the better, no one wants an easy win.

Photography is competitive, but I thrive in competitive environments. My desire to be the best is rewarding when I overcome an issue or make an achievement. If I wanted to be the best at something that was not competitive, like being the best health and safety inspector in the city - what would be the fun in that?

Competition does not put me off, it just gives me something to aim for. If you want to put me off you’re going to have to try harder I’m afraid.

Alex is my hero.

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