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Amazing face on an amazing girl @madeleinedear

Photographers need to stop pretending that sexual harassment/abuse of models is a very minor and rare issue just to fulfil their own agendas (being able to keep on photographing naked young girls, without the model bringing a chaperone along). 

It is not a minor and rare issue. 

reflexinthepuddle asked: Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow back, and also well done on the writing piece / awareness on modelling and photography and sexual predators. For you, how do you find the best way to find models who will let you do a shoot with them? I've been doing mostly auto and equestrian photography, but haven't really ventured into model photography (I've been busy, but it still something that I've always wanted to shoot).

Thankyou. I got a bit of stick from it on my Facebook page from a photographer who’s had models accuse him of sexual abuse, and have been getting crap off him *all day* but I think it’s sorted now. Whenever people speak out there is retribution which is why people don’t do it. 

I started shooting my friends, then one girl I shot was a member of www.modelmayhem.com I managed to get a decent portfolio from that but I didn’t find the quality of models was as high as I wanted it to be. This year I pushed myself to apply for agencies and began working with models from local fashion model agencies which has been a big help. Since I’ve built up a portfolio of agency models a lot more models of similar quality have been messaging me on Facebook/ Instagram etc. I have also joined www.purpleport.com which does not have agency standard models but has been interesting me to find models who are alternative to the ones I use through the agency. For example, plus size, art nude, glamour etc. 

It’s not easy to get good models to work for you, it’s taken me 5 years to get to a stage where I feel like I’m getting the standard of models I need to be working with. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of proving yourself a lot of networking before the good ones come to you. 

Good luck :) I’m here if you need me. 

markywilco asked: Do you think digital has taken something away from photography

In a way, but it’s also added more to it because you can work harder on getting *perfection*. Where as they joy of film is in the flaws.

My simple tutorials

Hey guys! I’ve finally gotten round to writing some of those photography tutorials you’ve been asking me for. 

Please take a look and make requests for new blogs or give me feedback about the ones I already wrote. I really hope they’re helpful!!

mattroundphoto asked: Quick one... Do you develope your own 35mm or 'have them done'?

I ‘have em done’. Which can be stressful and doesn’t leave much room for experimentation. I will definitely be learning to do it myself at some point in the future as I hear it’s very inexpensive. 

The Rule of Thirds http://ift.tt/1AzZdrY

Understanding ISO http://ift.tt/1pGuXDc

caffeinecouture asked: Hey! I am doing a photoshoot with a friend of mine for her senior photos. I was wondering if there was any advice you could possibly give me? I am sure it will go well, but you have much more experience in portrait photography than I do. Thanks

Hey, thanks for thinking of me :D

- don’t use a lens with too much distortion, 50mm lenses are good. I use a 27mm lens.

- shoot from below, because it is much more flattering.

- make sure you get nice catch lights in their eyes.

- careful of direct sun if it’s midday.

- make sure your model is comfortable with you before the shoot, make sure you joke around and compliment them during the shoot to build rapport.

Anything else my followers would like to share? :D

markywilco asked: How are you doing?

… I’m good I’m just about to be asleep thanks.

I am pissed off | Katie Soze Photography

Please read this and share. It is very important and needs to be spread not only around the modelling and photography community but with everybody. This is more important than what’s happening with Terry Richardson, this is happening to girls in our backyard. Our friends, people we know. They are getting raped and assaulted and people need to know that the industry is not a safe place.

zeonturner asked: Did you go to school for photography or just a hobby?

I didn’t go to school but it’s not just a hobby. I’m self taught.

markywilco asked: Do u like black and white photography

I do very much, although I don’t shoot it that often.

connoririshwright asked: You're an amazing photographer, like for real!

Thankyou very much!

Anonymous asked: Do you have a gf?

Lol omg I’m so glad you’re a troll. You know how to press my buttons mr troll.