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Instax of @nataliekatex it was a hard day shooting as my secret garden got closed off :( but Natalie was very patient with me!

Georgia from @jadoremodelsmcr top by @syd_mallory makeup @holliewoodhead styling @sarahreprowse

I feel like my work is getting too pretty and meaningless. Need more dirt, film, bare skin and less editing I think. Seem to have gone off track in the past few weeks :/

captainlad1 asked: Just read your post fair play to you for caring for people with much greater needs ' youve a good soul :)

Thankyou but it’s really not selfless, my grandma is ill with dementia and her partner has just been diagnosed with leukaemia and can’t take care of her and himself. I’m here with my mum to help out for a few days, luckily I have a big family so there are lots of us to take it in turns!

It sure has put a lot of things in perspective for me though, family and health being the most important 💜 these people have wiped my arse when I was a baby and dried my tears many times, I know they’d do the same for me if I was ill!

Look at this cheese ball- designer gear, gold bracelet, gold frame and people wonder why I like rap music. #babysoze

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I seriously can’t be bothered to have HAES arguments when I’m in a house caring for one person with Leukaemia and one with heart disease and dementia. Oh, and my own bipolar arse.

Everyone leave me alone!

Another selfie which shows off what a lanky git I am. #selfie #selfportrait

Some self portraits in my secret garden. I left my self harm scars in because they’re part of me I guess. 

I hope you like the pictures.

curvynerdywordy asked: I am hoping you live somewhere near me, because wow, every woman you've photographed is stunning! I would love to be among them.

I live in Sheffield Uk and rarely travel these days (I travelled too much when I was a model now I’m tired of it!) a lot of people who want me to shoot them live in America, which is a shame that they live so far - the world is a big place!

Regram from @sarahreprowse me looking scruffy and the model @alexneller looking like an absolute doll. My reflector is abused like this often, maybe 5% of the time I actually use it for reflecting.

@georgiapowhite looking like an absolute babe (as usual) in @syd_mallory top. Styling by @sarahreprowse makeup by @holliewoodhead (who I highly recommend booking)

Found a new location it’s like a playground for me I can’t wait to shoot here.

Playing glamour before I went out last night.

Slag level: Dragqueen. Well it is my wifeys birthday

Shoot from the other day @_katieleigh_ @georgiapowhite @holliewoodhead @sarahreprowse and @syd_mallory :)