katie soze

My name is Katie, I'm 26. I am a photographer and illustrator from Sheffield UK.

I am inspired by anything soft, feminine or fragile. I love Guava's, rabbits, duck eggs, long hair, pale skin, cuts, the British sea side, nudity, green tea, vertebrae, faux film grain, double exposure, sketchy lines, fog, atoms, and anyone who considers them-self to be stunning even though society says they're ugly.

Thankyou to everyone who supports me. I follow all my followers back.

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humaneywumaney asked: Pish, you know full well I'd have just straight up asked you in the first place, you know me well enough by now :') always a possibility, good to be aware of, although my wager is someone just thinks you're pretty and wants to see more of said prettiness (makes two of us tbf ;3)

It was such a long time ago I don’t look anything like those pics anymore >.

I never meant to give you wong ting girl, I never meant to bring you to my world 🎶
22. April 2014

I’m a pretty confident girl and I think I’m pretty good at making other people feel confident too.

Confidence to me is accepting who you are. I’m glad I didn’t grow up with a better life, I’m glad I made mistakes because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have grown in the way I have and I wouldn’t be me. I’d be different and I don’t want that. Even if big changes made me better, I still love myself enough to adore my life and being who I am.

I feel the same way about my body. Yeah I might be a few inches too tall, or have a bump in my nose, or have hair that’s a little plain. But I’m glad it’s that way, because my body is another part of who I am and I love it for what it is, it doesn’t need to be the most beautiful body in the world, it’s good enough just because it’s mine.

I love myself in the same way I love other people. I love my boyfriend for his imperfections as much as his good-lookingness. His insecurities are endearing. I like models that look different to the conventional way that models are supposed to look. I’m glad I can judge myself with the same eyes that I judge others.

I think being comfortable in myself makes me care less what other people are doing with their bodies or lives. I don’t judge, just accept. When I was uncomfortable with myself I was also a very judgmental, hateful and jealous person.

22. April 2014

Andy K asked me if I still do nudes… I said no - but I just remembered that I am having my boobs turned into the KISS members with paint and exhibited in a gallery about heavy metal. XD

humaneywumaney asked: Not the anon that asked about em, but curiosity has now got the better of me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in seeing said nude shots :')

Yeah whatever I bet it was you XD
I’m actually kinda worried who was the anon tbh. I hope they aren’t someone trying to use my own nudity against me.

Done a foootooo with my 📷 thankyou to jadore models, Georgia and Emma for working with me repeatedly even though I am a coconut.
Divine symmetry
Flowers in the botanical gardens
Watermelons in Ozmens. 
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andykstratford asked: Do you still model? Would you still model nude for the right photographer? (wink) And when you gonna come see me and B? (p.s. I wasn't the original anon asking about nudes but it got me interested, lol)

No I don’t model anymore! I actually really hate having my photo taken and I’ve put on a bit of weight since my modelling days. When will I come see you and B? Soon I hope.

Anonymous asked: Where can one see the nudes?

I took them down about a month ago because I work with young adults at the moment but if you come off anon I can show you.

19. April 2014

I think I had some nude pics up on my flickr until 2 weeks ago aha. Everyone should try it 👍 lose your inhibitions.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever posed nude?

Yes I used to work at a professional model and in that I did nude shoots from time to time. I got to travel all over the UK and worked with some amazing photographers. It’s not something I am ashamed about! If you would like directing towards some of my nude work just let me know, you don’t need to go searching for it, no big secrets in my life.

miceandunicornclouds asked: Hey Katie I'm in London atm but would love to do some shoot styling for you when I get back in May/June! (: xo

Oh yes definitely! Can’t wait. Have you got me on Facebook so we can talk more?

Today has been a long ass day. Waited in Cosmo for over an hour because my mums friend wanted to go so bad! Glad today is over! Tomboy hungover vibes. And a bit of Katie time before I focus on models again.