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Slag level: Dragqueen. Well it is my wifeys birthday

Shoot from the other day @_katieleigh_ @georgiapowhite @holliewoodhead @sarahreprowse and @syd_mallory :)

Bought a bunch of #bretteastonellis books today from @oxfam. 2 people have told me I’m like a character out of his books which I assume is an insult!

@nataliekatex from @girlsoho

Natalie from GIRL

Natalie from GIRL mgmt

Shot of Natalie from GIRL mgmt.


it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful

Me at today’s shoot with @_katieleigh_ @georgiapowhite @sarahreprowse and @holliewoodhead note the casual lens mistreatment 👌 I hate ‘back stage’ pictures as I always look scruffy and huge compared to the models.

Bunny Halloween Shoot http://ift.tt/1yS8fN3

Did some modelling today for a Halloween flyer. Finally got to be a bunny why aren’t all shoots like that?

Me, @yorkshirepud79 @sarahreprowse and @_katieleigh_ have a little feature in this issue of Cherry Zine 👍🍒

@georgiapowhite is a dream girl 🌙 @frockhorror @jadoremodelsmcr

Don’t You Know Who I Am? http://ift.tt/1rChfmR

Drop Dead | B&B Pop Up Gallery http://ift.tt/1mRUN69