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I miiight be fangirling a little bit. Maybe. 

Haha I just saw this. Fan girl away.


katiesoze answered your question: Does anyone have any good tutorials to help start off a beginner in Photoshop CS5?

I was thinking about making a tutorial. What would you like to learn?

I really want to learn how to edit my photos better. I’ve been into photography for a few years, and am about to get a new DSLR, but I’m not that great at editing.


Me shot by katiesoze

Every photo I take is a message to someone. That message is ‘fuck you, I’m still here and I still think the world is a beautiful place.’ I am in heaven, surrounded by prettiness.

kracker4343 asked: Just wanted to tell you that you are very beautiful and sexy baby

Thankyou. I’m not a baby anymore though 😜

Ok I’ve worn myself out big time. No more shoots for a while please! (Although I have one booked on Sunday)

ganja-lad asked: Are you single?

No I am in a monogamous long term relationship.

@madeleinedear by me. @jadoremodelsmcr doesn’t she look amazing? Those eyes 😍

Goth in Summer http://ift.tt/1nIWdDM

I’ve had a really tough day today. I went out to Tramlines last night and had way too much to drink, and when I drink I can’t take my medication as the last time I did that I ended up in hospital on a drip! (and projectile vomited in Castle Market). 

I feel sooooo shitty today. You guys know how no internet douche bag ever makes me lose my cool. Well, today I got called a retard because I said I believe in God even though he lets bad stuff happen to me and other people. I said how pain and suffering have helped me grow as a person and I know everything in the universe is so balanced positive and negative that I find it very calming. And yup, he told me I was stupid, ignorant, retarded and crazy and instead of calling him an intolerant twat like I normally would….. I …erm, started crying :( I never cry about anything! 

Plus I’m in so much pain from falling flat on my face yesterday (my camera kit unbalances me). I am too old to fall over on tarmac! 

There were some positives, I got to visit my friend from school and God sons and I edited some pictures of Maddie which I think are pretty cool for a 45 minute shoot! 

I’ve been doing really well recently and feeling like I’m in total, harmonious balance and feeling like I am being who I am meant to be. I keep telling myself I’m just having a bad day, it doesn’t mean the next 3 months will be a depressive episode. Everyone has bad days right?

When I was working as a marketing manager my job was causing my so much stress I was having drinking binges 3 or 4 times a week and missing my meds each time, and then I wondered why I felt so unhappy and unstable all the time. When I’m happy and stable I definitely feel like I produce better work! 

I’m getting more and more messages on all the trillions of social media profiles I’m on which I LOVE because not only am I so pleased to hear your thoughts about my work, I’m interested in you too! However corresponding with so many people/ models/publications/ agencies is getting confusing and I have sometimes let messages slip! It makes me feel really bad, so please, if you feel like I am ignoring you, I’m sorry, please nudge me about it if I do it. I really am a ditz!!! 

I also have some tutorial blogs planned which were requested from some of my Instagram followers which I will write soon! If you have any requests for tutorials please let me know :) 

Haven’t done a selfie in a while. #youcanneverhavetoomanyselfies

Polaroid of Felis Suicide. The emulsion leaked on this one. #polaroid #impossibleproject

Shoot from today with Felis Suicide. My cousin @xxxsimplybeautxxx did the make up - it was her first shoot and I think she did a great job!

My version of glamour with Felis Suicide